Crossrose Mafia – KiriBaku

This print is of a popular ship from My Hero Academia, KiriBaku. The characters involved are Eijirou Kirishima (Wynter) and Katsuki Bakugou (Demo). The photo was taken in July of 2021, and the photo shoot was for our YouTube CMV series, Crossrose Mafia!

In our Mafia AU, Kirishima (part of the Mafia) and Bakugou (a policeman) are shown at the start as a couple. It is known to both of them that their jobs are opposing to each other, however this does not stop their love from blooming further. To find out more, go and watch our series!

  • High resolution of Mafia AU KiriBaku
  • ca. 8×5 inch = 20×13 cm
  • Comes signed!
  • Photo byWynter
  • Edit by Wynter


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